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Below is a summary of some of the services provided by Background Data, Inc. Please contact a customer service representative to answer any questions or to obtain further information.

SSN and Address Search

This search returns information on an applicant’s prior addresses based on name and social security number. Information returned includes full name and/or alternate names, age/date of birth, addresses, dates at listed addresses, and phone numbers. The report also includes information on the validity, and state and year of issue of the social security number. This should be used as a starting point for a more complete background investigation.

Credit History

This search provides a credit history report from Experion


A national landlord/tenant record database summarizing past court actions, prior landlord inquiries, and landlord reported history.

Medical Sanctions

This search provides background information on healthcare individuals and organizations and meets the screening requirements of the Office of Inspector General’s compliance program. This report contains information from the following sources:

  • Office of Inspector General (OIG)
  • General Services Administration (GSA)
  • Federal Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
  • Tri-Care (Formerly Champus)

Driving Record

A report which details an applicant’s driving history with information such as accidents, violations, suspensions, issue date, and expiration date.


An attempt is made to verify an applicant’s school, dates of attendance, and degree or major.

National Security

This search helps identify individuals linked to terrorism or included on government watch lists to help insure compliance with the Patriot Act. Some of the databases included in this search are the following:

  • OFAC Sanctioned Countries, including Major Cities and Ports*
  • Non-Cooperative Countries and Terrorists*
  • Department of State Trade Control (DTC) Debarred Parties
  • U.S. Bureau of Industry & Security (formerly BXA)
    1. Unverified Entities List
    2. Denied Entities List
    3. Denied Persons List
  • FBI Most Wanted Terrorists & Seeking Information
  • FBI Top Ten Most Wanted
  • Interpol Most Wanted List
  • Bank of England Sanctions List
  • OSFI – Canadian Sanctions List
  • United Nations Consolidated Sanctions List
  • Politically Exposed Persons List
  • European Union Terrorism List
  • World Bank Ineligible Firms
  • FinCen 311 List
  • Palestinian Legislative Council List

County Criminal Search

Researchers search county courts for both felony and misdemeanor records. The standard search is for the prior 7 year period. Information returned may include Case Number, Offenses/Charges, Offense Date, Sentencing Date, and Status of each Offense.

County Civil Search

Researchers search county courts for civil judgments and lawsuits for the prior 7 year period. Information returned may include Case Number, File Date, and Plaintiff and Defendant.

Single State Criminal Database Search

This is a search of criminal record information from reporting agencies in a single state and includes Sex and Violent Offenders.

Nationwide Criminal Database Search

Nationwide Criminal Database Search is an instant nationwide criminal records database search.

Criminal database sources include:

  • Multi-State Sex Offender Database
  • FBI Terrorist List and Federal/State/Local Wanted Fugitive List
  • Proprietary Offender Data (POD)
  • Department of Corrections (DOC)
  • Administrative Office of Courts (AOC)
  • Department of Public Safety (DPS)
  • Traffic Court
  • Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)

Nationwide Criminal Watch

This is a monthly automatically recurring National Criminal Search of active employees which delivers a notification when a criminal record is found.

Nationwide Sex Offender Registry

This search returns records of registered sex and violent offenders with felony convictions. The data is compiled from registries in 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico.

Federal Criminal Search

Researchers search both felony and misdemeanor Federal criminal records at the selected U.S. District Court.

Federal Civil Search

Researchers search for Federal civil records at the selected U.S. District Court.


An attempt is made to verify the applicant’s previous or current employment including start date, end date, title, salary, reason for leaving, eligibility for rehire, verifier name, title, and number.

Professional License

An attempt is made to verify an applicant’s professional license, certification or credentials, date of issue, expiration date and status.

Personal Reference

An attempt is made to verify a reference from a single specified contact such as a friend or associate. Standard service includes 10 questions.

Professional Reference

An attempt is made to verify a reference from a single specified contact such as a co-worker or supervisor. Standard service includes 10 questions.

Volunteer Screen

This screen specifically designed for volunteer and non-profit organizations checks criminal data information on the full name and/or alternate names, dates at listed addresses, validity of the social security number, age/date of birth, and phone information.

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